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Purposeful Conversations

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

One of our new mission projects is to have a purposeful conversation with people. Meaning that we go beyond the normal nice things and get into the conversation that is most important. IF YOU DIED TODAY DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WOULD SPEND ETERNITY?

Wow that can be a hard subject to jump into. My husband is very good at that but I am more of a quiet laid back person but i feel that God is pushing me to do more of this. We need to know that our friends, neighbors and work buddies know who God is and how He can change our lives.

I have had these conversations with some relatives and some are very agreeable and accept what I say but there are some that always say 'oh, i'm good. I know that they are not by the way they live their lives. We are suppose to plant the seed and continue to love them and God will handle the rest. I guess that is the hard part because we never know if they will have a tomorrow to make that change so I continue to make remarks and show love and soon they will see the light.

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