Help Resources


If you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant there are many places that can help you with your decisions and guide you on the path that you are on. As Christians we believe that every child is a gift from God from the moment of conception. The bible says that God knew you when he formed you in the womb.

These centers may help guide you with your choices. Click on the underlined links for their website.

Phone: 270-885-3820

Phone: 1-800-366-7773

Phone: 1-800-550-4900

This is a christian home for unwed mothers in Branson, Mo.

Phone: 417-779-9000

A Christ-centered transitional home for women that encourages, empowers, and equips them to become independent godly women

Phone: 270-683-5626

A non-profit chapter of the Tennessee Right To Life. We are an all volunteer organization advocating the sanctity and protection of all human life from conception to natural death

We pray that you will take the time to listen to the people that can guide you in the right direction and that God will bless you and your baby.



Our world and sometimes our lives get so muddled with everything that we feel that our lives are out of control. Sometimes we encounter mean people that don't understand that their words and actions are very hurtful to us.

Sometimes we just have a chemical imbalance that makes us feel things much more intense than others do. We want you to find help and hope. Depending on your need there are places and people that can help you through this and help you feel better.

Maybe you can talk to a pastor at a church, a school counselor or maybe it is time to talk to the suicide help line at 1-800-273-8255

We will pray for you right now.


"Dear Lord we come to you and thank you for loving us and for all that you do for us. You tell us in your word that when two or three come together in prayer that you will answer our prayer so we come to you today to ask you to guide this person that is feeling that there is no hope. We ask you to give them the place and the people that they need to talk to for help. We ask you Lord to put your arms around them and let them know that you are with them and that they can find relief from the feelings of hopelessness . I pray all of this in your holy name Jesus"